The overlay took forever, got delayed, when we got to Chicago we had to circle around the city in the air for two hours because of a thunderstorm that is still going on. When I went to claim my baggage my backpack had broke open and I lost a lot of shit. Finally found my hostel in Chicago, thanks to all the drunk people that helped a californiadressed girl trough streets and puddles last night around 3 am. I didn’t get much sleep in my dorm! And hung out by the hostel before I went to meet up with Chelsea! She lives in a lovely house in Winnetka with her lovely family! Today me and Chelsea went out for dinner and frozen yogurt, now theres a comfy!! bed waiting. Chelsea have a lot planned so I’m looking forward for this week here in Chicago.

The roof of my Hostel.

This is the lovely room I have right now!

- Silje



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